How Popular Is Setting Up A Blog Nowadays?

pbThere are many sites that offer free blog hosting nowadays. However, there are sites that want their name included in your web address; in exchange, they will give you your own site for free. There are also others that will give you independent blog site but the default suffix is “.com” and there are extra charges for changing it to “.net”, “.co”, etc. The process of setting up a blog is easy but decorating or making your blog site famous is not easy.

The site will be built up with codes for the background, font, etc. Each word that is contained in the blog site is equivalent to a code. Most bloggers …

PC Manufacturers Focus on Large Corporate Clients

The PC retailers that insist on focusing on large corporate clients may be losing their market share.

“They’re letting the world pass them by when it comes to the explosive growth in small to medium-sized businesses and the home market,” Goldstein says.

National PC chains accounted for 26.5 percent of the PC market in 1992. That’s down from 29.37 percent in 1991, Goldstein says.

That of course does not count so specialized items as POS software and systems, which of course appeals to retailers and restaurants that are opening. One of the things that is interesting about point of sale or computer manufacturers is that those particular hardware pieces are very high

Doing Your Homework On Effective Homework

I knew I was in trouble as I watched my 9-year-old daughter at the kitchen table, her head bent over complicated math worksheets. Outside, it was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon. But inside, the mood was overcast and cloudy. The only sound that broke the silence was the resentful scratch of a pencil–until my daughter suddenly hooked up to emit a tragic sigh.

funhomework“I hate long division! I’m no good at it! Why can’t I go out to Rollerblade instead?” she beseeched me.

Homework that frustrates a child is pure torture for a parent. But what to do? You may worry that an assignment is too tough or that there’s too much of

Neiman Marcus Rocks The House

Neiman Marcus is boosting its rate of multiple sales and promoting cross-vendor shopping with an open-sell merchandising approach in some of its fragrance and bath departments.

The concept was initially unveiled about three years ago at the chain’s Galleria unit here, when the store underwent a massive renovation. The concept has since spread to other branches and Neiman’s plans to put it in more stores.

In the cosmetics department, the revamp mostly eliminated closed counters and glass cases.

Much like an upscale bookstore, most fragrances here are housed in clean-lined, back-lit shelves handsomely framed by subtle touches of gold.

Elegantly appointed open-range tester islands form the front of the fragrance nooks. Exuberant …

Bookstores On Rodeo Drive? Wha?

Rodeo Drive? Really?

Despite, or perhaps because of, the surrounding giitz, selling a bookstore on Rodeo Drive isn’t easy. The store isn’t in a neighborhood in the normal sense of the word–or even in a common shopping area for most Angelenos. “We have to make that store a destination,” says John Brancati, vice-president of merchandise. “We’re not Barnes & Noble or Crown. We can’t afford full-page ads in the L.A. Times. We have to determine who are audience is and how we should approach them.”

Thus, Rizzoli advertises aggressively in local tabloids as well as such trendy, glossy magazines as L.A. Style. (In coming months, Rizzoli and L.A. Style will co-sponsor several …

Getting More Involved In Your Kids’ Life

When the students in Monica Jones’s seventh-grade classes at Shaw Junior High School in Washington, DC, received among the highest achievement scores in the city, she got a call from the schools’ deputy superintendent. He wanted to know the secret of her success.

“I told him it was the involvement of parents,” she says. “I could have taken credit, I suppose. I could have told him about my lesson plans, how often we go to the library, how I have them write essays, or even how the students inspire me. But really, I know in my heart, if I did not have the support of the parents, my students would not

Can YOU Choose Your Kids Friends?

When my daughter was 5, she made friends one afternoon with another little girl at the beach where we went for swimming lessons. The two girls were having such a good It, me that the mother invited Audrey to come home with them for lunch, and I said yes.

This is not good.

This is not good.

Two hours later, when I picked up Audrey at her new friend’s house, I had to step over garbage on the porch, and though it was a beautiful summer I found the girls in the living room, blankly watching a game show. The mother was busy yelling at an older child, while the father was yelling at the mother.

Bullying – Still A Problem?

It was 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon in November 1996 when 13-year-old Andy(*) walked out the door of Crittenden Middle School in Mountain View, CA, having stayed after classes for a tutoring session. The school is in a neighborhood of modest ranch houses, their lawns strewn with toys–the sort of place where parents feel comfortable letting their children play outside unattended. On his way home, Andy didn’t have to fear gang shootings or drug dealers battling for turf. Yet the eighth grader had a different menace to worry about.

Bullying is bull!

Bullying is bull!

As Andy left school for the day, he found himself surrounded by five adolescent boys. The leader of the pack,

Looking at Some of the Best Franchises Ever

I thought I’d take some time out to look at some of the best franchise ideas that have you ever occurred. These are the things that we all take for granted, but I businesses that have made billions of dollars doing what they do, in the best way possible.

Gearing up for AAMCO

AACO’s Rebuilt Transmission

2 BEFORE AAMCO, THE AUTOMOTIVE aftermarket was nothing more than a corner gasoline station manned by mechanics self-taught on their own hot rods. After AAMCO, the industry blossomed into a $148 billion highly competitive market where professionalism and specialization are the hallmarks of customer service.

Accounting for the transformation were Robert Morgan and Tony Martino, unlikely …

Best Pillows To Help Stop Snoring

Snoring is normally regarded as a sign of slumber apnea, a situation that prevents sleep. Treatment options of snoring incorporate surgery, dental tools, various oral equipment and quick breathing nasal sliver. If you’re worried to put your nasal area under spiky scissors, an anti-snore pillow could be a superior as well as easier choice. The moment of your sleep posture is usually corrected and your difficulties will solve. You only have to use a stop snoring pillow during sleep. It can keep the neck along with head alignment accurate to ensure that air moves through your nasal trails freely. Become familiar with more with this pillow from the snoreless pillow review.

Sometimes …